Whether you have lost teeth due to aging, injury or other dental issues, dentures can be a transformative solution to restore both your oral health and confidence.

Dentures restore your ability to chew food properly, ensuring better digestion and overall health. Beyond functionality, they also greatly enhance your appearance by filling gaps, supporting facial muscles and giving you a natural, aesthetically pleasing smile. Improved speech is another benefit, as they help you pronounce words more clearly. Moreover, dentures can boost your self-esteem, allowing you to socialize and smile without hesitation. They also prevent neighboring teeth from shifting into the gaps, maintaining the alignment of your remaining teeth. They are also comfortable and custom-fitted by our dentists.

When you choose dentures in Glastonbury, Connecticut, expect a personalized experience. You will undergo precise measurements and molds to ensure your dentures fit perfectly. The fitting process may require several appointments, but the result will be a set of dentures that look and feel natural. Over time, you will adapt to wearing them, regaining your confidence and enjoying the myriad benefits they bring.

Dentures are a transformative solution that can restore your oral health and confidence. At Dental Doctors of Somerset, Dr. Michael Egan and Dr. Ana Fernandez are committed to delivering high-quality denture services that meet your unique needs. Do not let missing teeth hold you back; choose dentures and rediscover the joy of a beautiful, functional smile by calling 860-657-5522.