Bone grafting, a crucial dental procedure, is like the foundation of a house; it provides the stability necessary for a strong, healthy smile. At Dental Doctors of Somerset, we understand that dental health is not just about your teeth but also the integrity of the supporting structures. Bone grafting is a transformative procedure that can make a significant difference in your oral health and appearance.

Bone grafting is a vital solution for patients with insufficient bone tissue due to tooth loss. By augmenting the bone, we create a sturdy base for dental implants, ensuring they integrate seamlessly into your jawbone. This enhances the longevity and stability of your dental restorations. Furthermore, bone grafting improves facial aesthetics, preventing the “sunken-in” look often associated with missing teeth. It also aids in maintaining proper spacing between teeth, preventing complications such as teeth shifting or misalignment.

When you opt for bone grafting by our dentists, you can expect a well-planned, minimally invasive procedure. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, ensuring you remain comfortable throughout. After the procedure, a short recovery period is typical, during which you should follow post-operative care instructions provided by Dr. Michael Egan and Dr. Ana Fernandez. This usually includes rest and a soft diet for a few days. Over time, as the graft integrates with your natural bone, you will notice improved dental function and aesthetics.

Bone grafting is the key to restoring your smile’s foundation, enhancing your oral health and revitalizing your confidence. Call Dental Doctors of Somerset at 860-657-5522 to schedule your consultation, where you can create a customized treatment plan involving our bone grafting services in Glastonbury, Connecticut.