Dental sealants are a highly effective preventive solution designed to protect your teeth from cavities and decay. They are especially beneficial for the molars and premolars, where food and bacteria can become trapped within the grooves of the cusps. Sealants are applied to the teeth to act like shields against plaque, protecting your teeth for years with proper care. By opting for dental sealants in Glastonbury, Connecticut, you can prevent future cavities, as well as the need for more invasive dental procedures in the future.

Getting dental sealants is a quick, painless and non-invasive process. Our skilled dentists will start by thoroughly cleaning and drying the tooth’s surface. Then, a thin layer of tooth-colored sealant material will be carefully applied to the grooves and pits of the tooth. A special light may be used to bond the sealant securely to the tooth’s surface. The process only takes a few minutes, and there is no discomfort. Once the sealant is in place, you can immediately resume your daily activities with no downtime.

At Dental Doctors of Somerset, Dr. Michael Egan and Dr. Ana Fernandez are committed to preserving your oral health with advanced and comfortable solutions like dental sealants. Schedule your appointment today by calling 860-657-5522, and experience the benefits of this preventive measure and maintain a cavity-free smile for years to come.