Causes and Solutions for Chipped Teeth

Accidents happen, but you can always take steps to avoid experiencing chipped teeth and the necessary cosmetic dentistry near Glastonbury that comes along with them. Certain situations leave you much more vulnerable to chipped or missing teeth, so you should know when to be extra careful. If you do experience a chip or break in your tooth, consider the possible cosmetic dentistry treatments that could help you . Here is a brief overview of some of the causes and solutions for chipped teeth.

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It’s impossible to plan for everything, which is why chipped teeth are so common. However, certain lifestyles and situations will make you more prone to this type of injury. Participating in a contact sport is one risk factor that suggests you should take extra precaution. Wearing a custom protective mouth guard can help keep your teeth intact as well as protect your cosmetic dentistry restorations. Unfortunately, it’s not only athletes in contact sports who are vulnerable to chipped teeth. Simply tripping over a curb, falling down the stairs, or any other kind of accident can lead to a trip to the orthodontist. When you do suffer from a chipped tooth, you should know how to respond.


No matter the nature of the accident, you will want to see your orthodontist as soon as you can after chipping a tooth. Your dental health professional will know exactly what kind of treatment is best for your specific case. However, you can’t always see your orthodontist immediately. A broken tooth can lead to pain and swelling, so use over the counter painkillers and ice to alleviate both. Once you do see your dentist, you can talk about cosmetic dentistry solutions.

Making a Decision

Cosmetic dentistry offers a few options for chipped teeth, but your needs depend on the nature and severity of the injury. Porcelain veneers tend to be one of the foremost treatments, as they can cover your entire chipped tooth. The surface area that veneers can add to your natural teeth may improve your ability to speak clearly, chew your food, and show off your smile with confidence.

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