Are Dental Veneers Right for You?

Cosmetic dentistry is designed to bring back your confidence by restoring your smile, and it can also have substantial benefits when it comes to your overall health. Dental veneers serving Glastonbury are primarily used for cosmetic purposes, but they come with a wealth of advantages. Before you can decide if this type of treatment is right for your needs, you should understand exactly what it entails and how it can help you. Then you and your dentist can work together to create a treatment plan. Read on to see if dental veneers are right for you.

Understanding Veneers

Veneers are thin, shell-like prosthetics that fit over your natural teeth. Typically made of porcelain, dental veneers can cover one or more of your teeth so that you can enjoy a more beautiful smile and better oral health. In order to place a veneer, your dentist will have to remove a small portion of your natural tooth’s enamel; keep in mind that only a minimal amount of enamel must be removed, and that patients typically do not experience discomfort. This will make room for the new veneer to be applied and can help you achieve the most natural look possible.

Learning About Problems They Fix

There are a few specific reasons why people might seek veneer treatment. This type of cosmetic dentistry procedure is particularly helpful when it comes to covering up cracks, fractures, and chips in your teeth. It can also help fill in gaps in your smile, boosting your appearance and your confidence. However, dental veneers can also help you achieve a brighter smile. If you have tried teeth whitening treatments but your teeth haven’t reacted, porcelain veneers might be just what you need.

Creating a Treatment Plan

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, only your dentist will know which kind of procedure is best for what you need. It is still a good idea to look at your options, however, so you can talk to your dentist about the pros and cons that each one might present. If you think veneers are right for you, talk to your dentist and find out for sure.

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